What would you do if the success and stardom you always wanted could be yours but your team helping you decided the person you loved wasn't right for your image? Would you end the relationship, hide her to protect her while acting out your public persona with someone else, or ditch your dreams? — Asked by polishedwood

I would fire the team and keep on trucking ; )


Curious if your family understands the impact and excitement your cousin creates with these actions? He's awesome. — Asked by polishedwood

Yes we do, we are all very proud of Tommy.

have any childhood photographs or video you can share of your cousin? Fans would love you. Of course, check with him too. — Asked by polishedwood

No I don’t. Sorry

If you were going to be stuck on a deserted island, which 5 books, movies, people and foods would you take along? — Asked by artistsegge

Books: How to survive on a deserted Island for dummies, Treasure Island, The Great Pirate Activity Book, Sand Castles Made Simple, swiss family robinson.

Movies: Office Space, Dumb and Dumber, Castaway, Goonies, Starwars 4-6

People: Beth “Wife” and Hurley “Dog” maybe Cat “cat”

Have you ever been in Europe? If yes where exactly? :) — Asked by artistsegge

not yet, working on that ; )

'Sorry about mistaking you for another. I loved the video you posted, btw. Ask you anything? What make a guitar player want to build websites? — Asked by tommyglitter

No worries. I started building websites for bands I was in. It kinda became a career while I work on music on the side. It helps pay for all my music stuff ; )

Will you be playing guitar with Monte in Cleveland and Chicago this summer? — Asked by tommyglitter

no i’m sorry. There is another Warren, I think he might be the drummer.